I will be commencing a private practice in Halifax, NS from September 2018.  I will provide assessments and therapy for a wide range of difficulties.

I also offer supervision, teaching and training in ISTDP.  See more details below and contact me if you have any further queries.

Services offered:

  • Adult therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Clinical supervision
  • Psychological consultation
  • Increasing organisational effectiveness
  • Stress management
  • Emotional factors in medical settings
  • Emotional factors in sports and sports performance
  • Services for healthcare professionals e.g. increasing emotional awareness, decreasing stress and burnout

Description of services:

I have worked with a diverse range of psychological problems including; depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain, medically unexplained symptoms, interpersonal problems, OCD, drug and alcohol use, amongst others. I specialise in a therapeutic approach known as Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. This approach is designed to be highly effective and create long lasting change in as short a time frame as is possible. Both the approach I use and the way I work enables you to quickly begin to understand your difficulties in an emotionally meaningful way. I will also help you to take an active, involved stance in the resolution of your difficulties. I believe that whatever problems you might have, there is a coherent reason for those difficulties to have developed, however, these old emotional patterns or beliefs have outlived their usefulness and now cause the problems you seek therapy for. Together, we can begin focussing on your strengths and capabilities so that you can build the energy you need to create change in your life and fulfil your unique potential.

Contact me:


Please submit the following form to query more details or to express your interest in private therapy:

Alternatively, you can email: info@drcooper1.com


Dr Angela Cooper