1. 30 min talk from SIRPA conference in October ‘Diagnosing and Treating Emotional Factors in Mind-Body Symptoms’


2.Brief Introduction to Medically Unexplained Symptoms by Dr Angela Cooper

Brief introduction to medically unexplained symptoms, what they are and how we can understand them from an emotion focused perspective. I discuss why it is important that we change how we understand mind-body problems, the epidemic of these difficulties and cutting edge psychotherapeutic methods that can address these problems. Also, why it is so important to empower our physicians/doctors with knowledge about how psychological/emotional processes affect the body creating medically unexplained symptoms or mind body issues.

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2) SIRPA interview snippet – Emotions and chronic pain with Georgie Oldfield


For my full 15 minute interview and other interviews for the upcoming SIRPA Chronic Pain conference – please click on playlist in link below: