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I have extensive experience with a diverse range of psychological and emotional problems including; depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain, medically unexplained symptoms, neurological difficulties interpersonal problems, sexual difficulties, OCD, drug and alcohol use, amongst others.

I specialize in a therapeutic approach known as Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. This approach is designed to be highly effective and creates long lasting change in as short a time frame as is possible. Both the approach I use and the way I work enables you to quickly begin to understand your difficulties in an emotionally meaningful way. I will help you take an active and involved stance in the resolution of your difficulties in order for you to activate the innate healing forces inside of you. It is these innate forces, not me, that will bring you what you need.

I frame most psychological difficulties from the human and spritual struggle between oneness and separation, life and death.  I believe that whatever problems you might have, there is a coherent reason for those difficulties to have developed.  However, these old emotional patterns or beliefs, that are usually rooted in childhood conditioning from our caregivers, our culture and our society have outlived their usefulness and now function as a prison that keeps you trapped from expanding your capacities and potential.  The symptoms and resistances you experience can be understood as signals, inviting you to face the deeper emotional truths that would free you from these difficulties.  Together, as two equal human beings, we will face into these difficulties, you will get to decide if you are ready to let go of the past and the attachment to your suffering so that we can release any trapped energy and redirect it into creating the life you desire and fulfilling your unique potential in this world

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