Introductions to ISTDP:

ISTDP – An Introduction by Patricia Coughlin and Jeff Katzman 2013

What is ISTDP? by Dr Rohan Naidoo

‘The Case for Specific Factors in Psychotherapy Outcome’ by Patricia Coughlin

An audio introduction to ISTDP by Jon Frederickson click here

ISTDP Institute – Introductory ISTDP Videos:

Articles Relevant to Medically Unexplained Symptoms:







Various ISTDP Research Articles from the Centre of Emotions and Health

Dr Allan Abbass talks:

Brief talk about cost effectiveness of ISTDP:

Brief news excerpt regarding the cost savings of ISTDP on healthcare

Overview of ISTDP and how emotional factors can contribute to physical symptoms

Allan Abbass shrink rap interview – 3 hours


Dr Patricia Coughlin’s articles:

Presentation & Audio Intro from Dr Patricia Coughlin:

Presentation: ISTDP Maximizing Effectiveness – Nottingham UK 2014.pdf

Audio Intro: